Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More news is good news

Doesn't time fly when you're busy, um, not maintaining your blog? Ah me, the road to Hell etc etc. But as usual, I have a series of feeble excuses lined up. Events since the last post include attending the 2D Comics Festival in Derry - (excellent, write-up and pics hopefully to follow), the launch of The DFC, and an unexpected but rather cool opportunity to contribute to the Beano's 70th anniversary issue... with a character I've never drawn before but who many of you will recognise... oh yes... but more about that one in due course ;)

However, for the moment my major news is I have a comic strip starting a six-week run in The Guardian on Saturday's Comic supplement from July 12th onwards. The DFC have been running these serialised strips on Saturdays for about eight months now, and it's my turn to step up to the bat. Am I nervous about this? Well sir, I am, as they say, bricking it. I've produced (no, *still am* producing) this strip under the tightest deadlines I've ever worked to, and I just REALLY REALLY hope the final product holds together. Because quite a lot of people are going to see if it doesn't. Ahem. So, what's it about? That would be telling, but I will say it's called "The Mighty M" and it features cute animals. Because I like drawing cute animals and I don't get to do it nearly enough. Want an eensy-weensy sneaky peek? Go on then...

(If you're not a Guardian reader or you don't have £1.50 to spare, you can read it as PDFs on their website in the "Family" section - hint hint! All the previous Saturday strips are archived there too).

Also, all you DFC subscribers out there may want to know that "Sneaky" starts its run in issue 10, which will be out in four weeks' time. That issue features cover art by me as well (my first ever cover! Squee of excitement!)

Anything else? Probably, but right now I need some sleep. I'm off to make a hot, milky drink for bedtime. 'Night!