Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Moosekid Cometh

So excited to (finally) be able to officially announce this! Friday June 20th sees the launch of Moosekid Comics, an all-new all-ages comic anthology featuring 36 assorted comic strips by a host of artists and writers, including Andreas Schuster, Gary Northfield, Jessica Bradley-Bove and Chris Garbutt amongst many others. Lovingly conceived and assembled by Brit comic legend Jamie Smart, issue 1 will be digital-only and COMPLETELY FREE. We hope to see big and exciting things in Moosekid's future, but for now check out the website on Friday and prepare to have your tiny mind blown by pure weapons-grade comic awesomeness.

(Here's a wee look at the stars of my strip, Flora & Fauna. Yes, they are a stick of celery and a deer. Why not?)