Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bro Vs Bro

Just in case you need something more light-hearted to take your collective minds off all the Crazy that's happening at the moment, how about picking up TOXIC issue 189 and checking out my new comic strip, Bro Vs Bro? It features twin brothers with a larger-than-average case of sibling rivaly. Hmm, thinking about it, a scenario about belligerent youths isn't much of a departure from BBC News 24 at all, is it? Ahem, let's move on...

There are lots of other strips for you to enjoy in TOXIC, including classic reprints of Lew Stringer's Team Toxic, and two new ones: "Luke's Spooks" and "Captain Gross". Plus there's, y'know, other stuff in there too, but COMICS - that's the important bit.