Friday, October 3, 2014

Good Mornin'!

So I mentioned on Facebook a while ago that I was working on an exciting thing, but couldn't say exactly what. Well, here it is! I've been writing and drawing short comic strips for BOOM! Studio's new Uncle Grandpa series, based on the demented Cartoon Network show. If you haven't seen it, you should - it features a Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. Literally.

Issue one should be out now ((EDIT: looks like it's been pushed back to October 15th. Close enough!))

Friday, July 18, 2014

Northern Expo-sure

Very quick one folks - I'll be at the Manchester MCM Expo on July 19th and 20th, doing the usual  selling and drawing things duties. Come to my table and say Hi!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Moosekid Cometh

So excited to (finally) be able to officially announce this! Friday June 20th sees the launch of Moosekid Comics, an all-new all-ages comic anthology featuring 36 assorted comic strips by a host of artists and writers, including Andreas Schuster, Gary Northfield, Jessica Bradley-Bove and Chris Garbutt amongst many others. Lovingly conceived and assembled by Brit comic legend Jamie Smart, issue 1 will be digital-only and COMPLETELY FREE. We hope to see big and exciting things in Moosekid's future, but for now check out the website on Friday and prepare to have your tiny mind blown by pure weapons-grade comic awesomeness.

(Here's a wee look at the stars of my strip, Flora & Fauna. Yes, they are a stick of celery and a deer. Why not?)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Feeling Expo-sed

Not good to be exposed in this freezing weather, eh chums? Seriously though, I have a stall at the MCM Midlands Comic Con in Telford tomorrow, where I'll be selling comics, posters and suchlike, and drawing portraits and any old random doodles you fancy. Although I've been to MCM events before - I'll also be at the one in Birmingham on March 25th-26th, by the way - this will be my first Telford show. I gather it's quite Anime/Manga/Gaming oriented, which suits me just fine (unless someone expects me to do Dance Dance Revolution. I'm SO. BAD. at that). Come along and say Hi if you're in the area!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What time is it? 2014 you say?? Think I hit the Snooze button a few too many times...

Heeyyy look what I found hidden under a pile of dust and old pants - it's my blog! Good thing this isn't a pet or a houseplant, because it would be seriously brown and crispy by now. But! But! Apply a little water and boom, it's alive again! And I shall be trying very hard to keep it alive this year because, well, it seems like the appropriate thing to do. It's not that stuff hasn't been happening in the last almost-two-years (oh GOD that long??), I've mostly been newsing about it on Facebook. Or not at all, because I tend to forget that people might actually want to know these things. If it looks like I'm forgetting again, someone  please prod me. Thanks.

Soooo... want some news? I recently completed volume 2 of my Gilbert & Sullivan comic series, entitled "The Sound of Music" on account of it being themed around composers (I mean, besides G&S themselves). I'm shortly going to be opening a new Comicsy web-based shop to sell my newer comics and things, but in the meantime if you want a copy please email me and I'll give you the details. Here's the cover - and yes, Sullivan does appear in drag in the comic. Of course. If that isn't enough to tempt you, Richard Bruton over at the Forbidden Planet Blog has written a review of it that you can check out (spoiler alert - he likes it).

Friday, May 25, 2012

Con (wo)man

Hi all, just a quick note to mention I'll be selling my wares and drawing piccies at the Manga-tastic MCM Expo in London this weekend (May 26th/27th), and I'll also be a guest at the 2D Festival in Derry the weekend after. 2D is a fantastic event and I urge you to come along if you're in the area (or even if you're not - Northern Ireland's lovely at this time of year;)

See you there!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pretend it's Christmas....

...and you're eagerly tearing the wrapping paper off a flat, rectangular object. What could it be? Nope, not a squashed box of Dairy Milk - it's this year's Beano annual! Or maybe the Dandy annual, if that's how your parents roll! WOOO! The excitement of a new Beano or Dandy annual never really diminishes with time, and that's certainly the case for us overgrown children who play a part in filling them. For the second year running I've contributed to both publications, reprising last year's Bully Beef and Chips with three new stories, as well as adding three more pages of another very familiar character...

Noooo, not Our Cilla - it's Keyhole Kate, everyone's favourite peeping lunatic. Did you know she's been around since the comic's start in 1938? This must be at least her fifth or sixth incarnation, I think. Gawrsh! I'm amazed they managed to come up with so many keyhole-looking-through scenarios over the years.

The Dandy annual looks to be a real nostalgia-fest this year, probably to tie in with the comic's 75th anniversary in 2013. Check out the blog of the lovely Wilbur Dawbarn (link on the right) for more sneak prviews.

Over in Beanotown, I've been drawing a whole load of Meebo & Zuky, including a slightly new spin on the characters which I'll be blogging more about in the next few weeks...

And - very excitingly for me - I was asked to produce some new pages for a classic strip that's currently re-running in the weekly Beano. I'll let my teaser image do the rest of the talking;)

It's a fantastic experience to work on characters devised by such greats as Allan Morley and John Geering, and I can honstly say I'm dead chuffed about it. I hope my pages raise the appropriate chuckles.

So there we have it, make sure Santa brings you a copy of each one (or just treat yourself when they come out in July, eh?)