Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your local library needs YOU

Assuming "you" are a comic fan, of course (not an unreasonable assumption for this blog's readership, I think). I was recently called upon by a local librarian to give a talk to many other librarians on the merits of reading graphic novels, which I then wrote an article about. Richard Bruton from the Forbidden Planet International blog added pictures and some intro and outro text and turned it into this blog entry, which you might like to read. What's your local library's stock of graphic novels like? Feel like volunteering some advice to improve it?


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  2. Hi Laura,

    Just a quick line to say I am glad to hear you are also doing this kind of thing with libraries and that your new links have been updated on my Blog and Website and that I have just taken a look around the new site - wonderful!!!

    See you soon.