Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Attention zombie lovers! A double dose of undead doings has been drawn by me for your viewing pleasure. Number one is "Zombie Nation", a two page story currently nestling in the pages of Toxic comic's free Crazy Comics supplement. If it gets enough votes, it will become a regular strip in Toxic! Whoa! So, finish reading this, then toddle out to the shops, buy Toxic, read Crazy Comics and go to to vote. Or, if you're feeling lazy, just take my word that it's chock-full of ZOMBALICIOUS GOODNESS and go vote for it anyway. Yes.

And as for zombie action part two: in a masterstroke of convergence, Zombie Nation is not only up against Jamie Smart's fine strip "Count Von Poo" in the Toxic supplement, but I have also just completed another two-page zombie comic for Jamie's own upcoming "Fat Chunk 2" anthology. What are the odds?? No voting involved this time, just go out and buy FC2 when it hits the shops in July. 'Cos you've been waiting your whole life to see an adaptation of "Three Little Maids From School" with zombies, I know you have.


  1. I've voted for you..

    I can see jokes in that one..
    one of the zombies looses his head and they all use it as a football..

    Hey this writes it self..

    yours cheekly Peter..