Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blue Petaaah

Following on from the previous post, it seems that Zombie Nation didn't quite rise to the occasion in the Toxic poll stakes and therefore won't be appearing in the mag regularly - but, that's what you get for relying on the living dead. Tsk. However, on a more positive note, I'm going to have a piece of work appearing on t'telly next week, so watch out for that. It's a Dennis and Gnasher/Blue Peter crossover and it'll be appearing on said show on Tuesday afternoon (and on the trusty iPlayer thereafter, for those of you not in the house when Blue Peter's on). It's my first ever attempt at drawing a celebrity-based story for the Beano, so I hope it looks OK on screen (although frankly, only people with HD TVs will really know if it doesn't ;))


  1. Will record Blue Peter ..sorry your Zombie strip fell apart at the should of won in my mind..
    Is this some kind of stitch up..I'm dead sad about buried the others with your work..

    Some puns for fun:)

  2. As Zombie would say: groaaaan!

  3. No shame in losing out to Jamie Smart though. Hope Zombie finds a home elsewhere in due course.

    Hmm ... the thought just occurred to me: Zombie Blue Peter ... something to be done with that, surely?

  4. Saw the program looks good...and nice the way you captured the presenters...who is Claire who was talking about the Beano?

    Nice seeing the number 1 comics as well..and the 1958 Beano..

  5. Yeah, pity I didn't manage to get my name mentioned, but can't have everything!

    Claire works in the Beano office, I think she moainly works on promotions and general editorial.