Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bite the Chunk

Huzzah, it seems that volume 2 of Jamie Smart's now-officially-a-series-because-there's-more-than-one-volume FAT CHUNK is finding its way into comic shops. This is doubly exciting news for me, firstly because I have a couple of pages in it and secondly because it features several of my favourite arteests of the moment, including the man Smart himself and the Comics Deity that is Aaron Alexovich. Can I get a Yay, and then another one? Cover image attached, to help you deal with the dude in your local comics shop when he says "Never heard of it" and goes back to dusting the display of Simpsons clocks. My advice would be to print it out, fold it into a paper fan and smack him over the head with it manzai-stylee, but that's just me...


  1. Aaaahhh, zombie bunnies aren't as cute as real ones!

    (those aren't real bunnies either, but they're much cuter than zombie bunnies)

  2. Good to see another fellow Fat Chunk artist. =)